Hi! To get started (in 1993) I sort of copied the homepage of my daughter, Sandi Wiggins, as she knows what she is doing and I don't (still). (see her Acoustic Neuroma website below).

I got some of the info I needed to get started on HTML , as well as step-by-step page design, from CNET. Since 1993 the methods for creating web pages have been greatly simplified by templates and software (but you don't need either to create a web page/site). I also have a book wwhich I highly recommend (among the many that are out there) called "Teach Yourself HTML Visually". Available in most book stores in the computer section.

First, a little boring stuff about me and then you can get on to the really exciting stuff! I am an 86-year-old male recovering well from removal of a non-malignant brain tumor, and more recently, from heart valve repair and a triple bypass. And still later (2000) prostate cancer, treated with seed implants. More recently diagnosed with diabetes, Type II. (You wanted to know all that, didn't you?). I think this computer stuff is therapeutic. I am self-taught on the computer using books, on-line help, and occasional advice from my grown daughters. This only proves that anyone can do it.

I am interested in all kinds of things. Airplanes, powered parachutes, ultralights, oil painting, reading, writing (I wrote a 408-page autobiography), NASCAR, boating, NFL(Steelers Rule!), computers (natch), web pages, surfing the net, e-mail, ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices), whimsey bottles, camping, fishing, and just traveling, to mention a few. I do a bit less after my surgeries.

My Own Personally Created Websites/Pages.